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Pro Skylight utilizes tempered-over-laminated glass and seals it to prevent future leaks. This is considered the most resilient and long-lasting skylight solution. It’s important to invest in skylights that do not compromise on the glass quality. At Pro Skylight, we handpick the best quality glass that can withstand extreme weather conditions and are sealed to perfection. The top glass skylights are sealed, reliable and weatherproof allowing natural light to flow in when you need it the most. If you are ready to install top glass skylights, then get in touch with us.

Should Skylights Be Sealed?

A big yes! Imagine the leak disaster if your skylight is not properly sealed or mounted to the roof or ceiling. Leaking skylights are the worst kind of fear you would want to experience ever. If the skylights are not installed and flashed properly, you might come face to face with leaking skylights. Many skylight installers depend on adhesives and sealants to do the job. Luckily, a waterproof seal is ensured by flashing. Especially focusing on roof penetrations or weak spots, the technicians at Pro Skylight take it on them to provide a leak-free 10-year warranty to the clients. We are honest and sincere with the services we provide; this is why we are extremely cautious of issues you might face in the future. Hence, we guarantee long-lasting solutions that can easily withstand extreme weather. Pro Skylight covers a wide array of skylight services—becoming a one-stop skylight service provider. With us, sealing skylights or not sealing skylights is not even a question—it is a responsibility to seal skylights and deliver an overall improved experience to you. Thinking of installing top glass windows? We might be the perfect solution you are in search of. We are a responsible set of individuals installing, repairing and replacing skylights on roofs or ceilings across Long Island, NY. Our prompt team is quick to define budgets and timeframes for you after a steady site inspection. With us, you receive technical advice from field experts and efficient services within the set deadlines. Even if you think your problem is too big; ask away. There’s no harm in contacting our team, we might show you the right path with our expert consultation services!

Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Having a skylight window mounted to your roof or ceiling is great to let in some fresh air and sunlight. These top roof glass skylights should be of premium quality so you do not face any issues during the rainy or snowy seasons. At Pro Skylight, we ensure you of the quality we provide with a no-leak guarantee and a 10-year warranty. A major recurring problem with top glass skylights is leakage. But with Pro Skylight, the proper flashing systems result in no-water dripping into the buildings. Sealing these top glass skylights tight and proper, our first step is to avoid improper installations. But, if you hire the team at Pro Skylight to replace or repair the skylights, we can amend them for you too. We do not rely on generic adhesives or sealants to withstand extreme weather conditions and drift water away for you. We believe in skylight flashing. Whether the roof is pitched or not, our top-notch services guarantee a no-leak policy. With a keen eye for detail, we flash all the sensitive areas or weak points on your roof. The experienced technicians and architects know their way around the roof which allows them to seal and replace the roof with perfection.

Domed, Polycarbonate, Flat, Circular Skylights

Trusting a company to cut a hole in your roof then get it sealed is definitely scary. But hiring Pro Skylight makes it a lot less scary. As long as the company knows how to seal these top windows with optimum perfection—you can trust them. Over the last 24 years or so, Pro Skylight has been offering a wide range of glass materials to select from. Whether you need a tempered/laminated or double glazed, clear or opal glass, we can arrange and get it done for you. Even tinted and wired glass skylights are not a concern with Pro Skylight. All you have to do is let us know and we will arrange the needed roofing material. With us, the process is easier, faster and seamless. We are a combination of honest communication and prompt services with a wide-ranging top glass skylight option. Domed, polycarbonate, flat, circular skylights… or more; we are a preferred skylight service provider for years. Our #1 source: repeat customers and referrals speak for the flawless services we provide to our clients. Skylight services require expertise and technical knowledge which makes it hard to trust just about anyone. We realize this. So, after you decide to trust us—we make sure everything’s top-notch. Keep your home, office, or any other building safe, dry and well-lit. With our professional skylight services, you can find out the solution to all your concerns with a single sit inspection. Our skilled team of experts catch the cause early so the building’s interior is safe from big troubles. Owning a skylight is great as long as it is installed by perfectionists. With Pro Skylight’s expertise, you can get yourself a custom-built and bespoke skylight design with accurate installation, repair, or replacement. At Pro Skylight, we are a team of idealists looking to add value to the next building. Here, we also offer emergency services round the clock depending on the nature of the task. So, if you think your skylight issue cannot wait any longer, consider ringing us up right this moment.

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For Long Island, NY, where weather conditions can be extremely unpredictable—it is advisable to trust a company that is experienced. The major problem with top glass skylights is condensation and water leaks. This can be prevented by hiring expert technicians who are conscious of minute technicalities. Getting started is quick and efficient. Request an appointment with us and a representative from our technical sales team will get back to you. We are focused on resolving skylight-related concerns, so if you have one — book yourself an appointment.

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