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New Skylight Installation (Vented & Fixed)

Our certified skylight specialists have years of experience in installing skylights perfectly. Taking our time to waterproof and secure the new installation, we deliver quality. If your old skylight is beyond repair, or you are on the lookout to install a brand-new skylight to bring in freshness, you have landed at the right place. Installing skylights from Pro Skylight ensures guaranteed longevity, and no leaks – as the installation will be handled by experienced technicians who have been installing skylights for years. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, Pro Skylight has been serving for over 24 years, so you can trust the quality we offer. Ventilating skylights let in the fresh air and natural sunlight just like a window. Letting out stale air, you always have the control in your hands to let in cool air. Even if it’s a fixed skylight, you have brighter mornings and increased well-being. Whether you are interested in installing a ventilating skylight or a fixed skylight, we have got you covered. Walking you through a seamless consultation process, we ensure a flawless installation process to revamp your space. We have been serving the residents of Long Island, NY, with our unparalleled craftsmanship and professionalism for over 20 years. A new skylight installation makes a room appear wider and contribute to a happier mood. This results in improved productivity levels so, when it comes to expert skylight services, there is only one choice— Pro Skylight.

Are Skylights Worth It?

If you have fallen prone to the modern skylight hype and thought of investing in one, then take a sigh of relief. You are on the right track. Considering the increasing mental and physical well-being concerns around us, it’s important to understand that skylights are, indeed, the need of the hour. Among the countless benefits of skylights is a connection with nature. Many of us are still working from home, and if not, a breath of fresh air wouldn’t hurt anybody. A ventilating skylight is a worthwhile investment to let in the fresh air where you need it the most. Illuminating gloomy spaces and letting in fresh air to your space, you will eventually feel content. Not only do they look aesthetic, but they also contribute to the overall environmental conservation. You will have reduced electricity bill costs and increased value of your space. So, take a moment and ask yourself—what’s not to like? Today, the modern skylights are solar-powered, saving solar energy and leveraging natural resources to minimize the usage of artificial lighting and electricity. Skylights shed natural light into your place and multiply its resale value. So, it is a win-win situation for you. Skylights look breathtakingly beautiful with uniquely designed shapes to dramatically enhance the appeal of your space. The abundance of light is just another plus point. Natural views, aesthetic lighting, and a cut-down on bill costs—it’s like living in a dream. A skylight is a window installed in your roof without compromising your privacy. You can stargaze whenever you like. It’s not just stargazing but many other views—from the rain to snowfall and the fresh breeze, you make the most out of all seasons within the constraints of four walls. 

When you need a high-quality skylight installation without any hassles, you can rely on Pro Skylight. Since one shape or size does not fit every roof—our expert technicians perfectly measure up and craft a skylight that’s also insulated to ensure zero leakage. They are a powerful design addition to an ordinary-looking space. If done with proper glazing, crafting and flashing—you will not regret installing a skylight ever. So, if you ask us the ultimate verbatim then we would say—yes. Skylights are definitely worth it (if done right). For that, we are just a call away.

Why Pro Skylight's The Right Call

Think of the pitter-patter raindrops on your skylight and a serene environment around you. Skylights, either fixed or vented, are always a great idea. Being experts in diagnosing, fixing, and installing skylights to amp up spaces for years, we can confidently suggest installing a skylight in your space. Pro Skylight is the most trusted skylight contractor in Long Island, NY. Considering the weather conditions, our solutions are 100% focused on long term functionality without causing any defects to the roof. We breathe life into the space you wish to revamp through our wide-ranging design and patterns. You can also request customization, and we will get it crafted exactly as you desire. Asking us to install a skylight is the right call because our services don’t just end at installing. We initiate with a site inspection and offer our valuable, expertise-driven input to deliver what’s needed. We use the highest-quality material that vouches for the guaranteed longevity of our skylight services. Be it tempered-over-laminated glass or other construction materials, our certified installers opt for branded products that are in for the long run. Courtesy of years of experience, you will not be returning to us anytime soon. Once we fix or install a skylight, the job is done right—without any future hassles. 

Many skylight contractors on Long Island, NY, overlook skylight flashing but with Pro Skylight, you can rest assured as we don’t sit back until everything’s polished and completely sealed. Neglecting skylight flashing can lead to recurring skylight leakage that paves the way for the future hassle. For a mistake-free installation on flat roofs or pitched roofs, you know who to call. Let us know the challenge you are facing, our expert technicians will guide you through, provide you cost estimates, and set timelines to deliver you top-notch quality installation services. 

Certified and insured with a 99.9% client satisfaction rating, it’s unreasonable to think twice. We have 22 years of skylight industry experience with trained professionals who are well-equipped to handle skylight-related issues swiftly. If you’re interested in installing a high-quality skylight then, we are the perfect option. Think of the high electricity bills or the monthly cost of light fixtures around you. You’d want to get a skylight installed right away. So, contact us now without any further delay, we will handle the rest.

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