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We never install a skylight without skylight flashings. Directing the water away, skylight flashing is a must to ensure watertight installations. Modern skylights go hand in hand with skylight flashing. Pro Skylight offers skylight flashing services for a guaranteed leakproof experience. Designed to shed water away, skylight flashing is an integral step to ensure proper water drainage. Depending on the roofing type, we offer multiple flashing systems that are a suitable fit for you. The technicians at Pro Skylight know how to keep the moisture away. Let us know your requirements and our experts will guide you accordingly.

Skylight flashing is our forte. Staying true to the purpose of protecting your roof, our skylight flashing is bound to keep your roof waterproof and airtight. Protecting the skylights via keeping the water around them, our experts will install skylight flashing with a 10-year warranty. Our experienced team is aware of the materials that work well with weather conditions in Long Island. When you contact us to install flashing, you can rest assured that your space remains safe from moisture damage for years.

What Is Skylight Flashing?

Skylight flashing is a thin layered material installed around the surface to direct the water away. The water is kept away from the vulnerable areas on the roof and drained out through the gutters. For the team at Pro Skylight, skylight installation is incomplete without skylight flashing as it ensures longevity and guarantees no leaks given it is kept in good condition. The technicians at Pro Skylight can come to your place, inspect and repair your flashing if you think there’s a leak. Let us know today and we will get in touch with you to keep your space safe, dry and comfortable.

Why Is Correct Flashing Important?

We cannot emphasize this enough—the importance of correct flashing is as integral as ever. The joints on your roofs are the weak points and are easily penetrable for water to seep through them. This is why modern roofers rely on flashing. Without flashing, leaks can develop across the many sensitive spots on your roof. Pro Skylight utilizes materials that are impossible for the water to break through and your roof stays as good as new. We work our way around chimneys, vents and skylights to perfectly install flashings. These are the spots where you need to be extra cautious and Pro Skylight takes care of it for you. Our products come with a 10-year warranty which means the chances of leakage are reduced to a minimum and you can sit back relaxed with a one-time investment.

When To Replace Skylight Flashing?

If you are about to replace your roof, you might be hearing quite some flashing-related opinions. To put an end to this ‘to flash’ or ‘not to flash’ question, you can call us now. Considering the current material’s integrity, time and age—we will only recommend what’s best for you and your loved ones. Keeping your comfort our first priority, we offer skylight flashing services that are long-lasting and reliable.

The most common type of flashing material today is steel. However, we will replace, repair or reuse skylight flashing depending on your unique skylight flashing requirements.  Our flashing experts visit your place and do not just rely on sealants to keep the moisture on the surface—this is why our solutions are focused on protecting your roof by shedding the water away with top-notch roofing materials. Keep your roof waterproof, dry and comfortable with Pro Skylight!

Can You Reuse Old Flashing?

Being in the skylight industry for over 20 years, we certainly will not recommend reusing old flashing. Our experience says this poses future hassles causing you to spend more money and time so it’s advisable to invest once and for all. However, different skylights undergo different scenarios and it is better to book yourself an appointment with us.

The team at Pro Skylight is extremely efficient in inspecting and then landing on a suitable decision. Certain factors that may impact our decision are:

  • How long has the flashing been installed?
  • What is the condition of the flashing material?
  • Was the previous flashing correctly done?
  • How many times has the flashing been repaired before?

Contact us today and a representative from our team will guide you through the next phases. We are eager to resolve the skylight challenge you are facing, let us know now so we can get started today!

Do You Need Skylight Flashing Services?

Are you here because you are tired of leaking skylights or are you about to get a roof replacement? If you said yes to any of the questions or have more in mind, we have the answer to it. Contacting Pro Skylight is convenient, all you have to do is drop us a message to request an estimate or schedule a site inspection. Our team has been in the business for years; hence our experience contributes to our professionalism.

Here at Pro Skylight, we take pride in being the #1 skylight flashing service provider in Long Island, NY. After a site inspection, we work with you to select the material that you like—all while staying within your budget. Licensed and insured to deliver skylight services across Long Island, we are the experts in watertight skylight flashing for years. We have confidence in the work ethics we possess; our promptness is everyone’s absolute favorite. Utilizing only top-quality materials, we do not want you to deal with rust, corrosion, or any sort of mold growth. To overcome these issues, proper flashing is an important practice to protect your roofs.

Interested in flashing services for fixed, tubular, or vented skylights? The team  can get it done for you within minimum rates and time. Protect your roofs from rain and wind. Our experts will work with you from day 1, advising and offering other consultation services. Experienced in choosing the right application for your space, we work will all sorts of skylights—standard, tubular, or modern; you can rely on us. Contact us today!

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