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Our sun tunnel skylights have a 20-year warranty with the potential to transform your space beautifully. Sun tunnels are a great alternative to skylights for roofs having obstructions. Since they are smaller, our technicians can easily bend them around spaces to shine light where you need it the most. Our sun tunnel skylights are flexible which makes it possible to reach unreachable spots. The light through sun tunnels uplifts the appeal of your interior tenfold. The highly professional team at Pro Skylight can install a sun tunnel within 90 minutes; it’s quick, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient.

What Is a Sun Tunnel?

Sun tunnels often called solar tubes are ideal for the transformation of gloomy spaces by letting in natural light without breaking budgets. They are quick and easy to install with lower costs as only limited labor is required. The light travels through a highly reflective sun tunnel and shines through different spaces with on-point aesthetics. Exposing the space to sunlight, you can revamp it and boost up your productivity levels at the same time. Sun tunnels are tubular skylights installed on your roofs and extends down to the space you want to light up. When you get it done by the experts at Pro Skylight, you cut down on the costs along with time. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Difference Between Skylights and Sun Tunnels

If you are wondering what exactly is the difference between sun tunnels and skylights then wonder no more, here’s the answer. A skylight is a direct window mounted to your roof—shining in plenty of sunlight, while a sun tunnel captures natural light in the dome which is then reflected through the tunnel. A sun tunnel does not let in much light if compared with a skylight as it is not a direct window. A sun tunnel is usually installed to light up attics, hallways, laundry rooms, or any other spaces where you don’t get in much light. Both are great options to enhance the appeal and value of your space, but it’s up to you to decide which will work best for you. Of course, our expert’s advice will guide you in choosing the ultimate best for yourself.

Features & Benefits of Sun Tunnels

In some cases, installing a skylight might just not fulfil your requirements. This is where sun tunnel skylights come in. Perfect for covering large distances between the roof and ceiling, a sun tunnel can visibly lift the appeal of any space. Sun tunnels take up lesser installation time and are even easier to install. They are a practical alternative to skylights. Our sun tunnels are feature-packed with built-in bathroom fans that gather solar energy throughout the day and continue working when the sun’s down. For people who are not big fans of extremely bright spaces, sun tunnels are a perfect fit. They help you save huge bucks on energy and heating bills—whilst satisfying the modern and contemporary human in you.

How Do Solar Tubes Work?

Ready to install sun tunnels at your space but a tad bit concerned over how they’ll work out for you? A solar tube is an extremely reflective cylindrical tube that captures solar energy in the dome. The captured sunlight is then bounced in the tunnel to shine up the interior of your space. Since the light travels through a reflective tunnel, there are no chances of hot spots; it is evenly spread. We are maestros in perfect installations of sun tunnel that are guaranteed to bring in clean, UV-free sunlight.

How to Choose Your Sun Tunnel Type?

Flexible…or rigid? It can be overwhelming to choose a sun tunnel type, especially when you have the perfect aesthetics in mind. Here, we will provide you with a useful tip to select the sun tunnel type for yourself. Rigid sun tunnels are quick and easy to install. Rigid sun tunnels are preferred where bright light is in demand. They are used when the installation pathway is clear and free of any obstacles which make them easier to install. Rigid sun tunnels are solid tubes that are the perfect solution for gloomy spaces. Whereas, flexible tunnels should be used through an attic or where large obstacles are present. If the tunnel is supposed to be shorter then a flexible tunnel type should be preferred. If you are a fan of soft sunlight then flexible tunnel type is for you. Making the light seem not too bright, flexible sun tunnels can be installed around objects.

The suggestions by our experienced technicians are to abide by. Not only do they come from experience but detailed technical analysis of your needs and requirements. This makes the process seamless and the final results are absolutely loved by the clients, every time. For 20 years and more, we have been helping the people in Long Island, NY, keep their bill costs to a minimum and brighten their spaces with high-quality, sealed tunnels. Now is the time for you to jump on the bandwagon and experience the aesthetic lighting you have always admired in many spaces. Yes, the secret architecture product is a sun tunnel installed by experts. And who’s better than Pro Skylight to get it done the right way on the first go?

Why Pro Skylight NY?

Ready to install a sun tunnel but wondering why choose us? To begin with, we have been in the skylight business for over 24 years. Licensed and insured to offer skylight services in Long Island, NY, we have been the only choice of people. The majority of our business comes in from repeated customers and referrals which speaks volumes about the quality of work we offer. We are not just experts in skylight installation but for repair too. You can rely on us for all types of skylight services. Whether the roof is pitched or flat, we get the work done for you within your budget and set time frames. Ask us today and overcome all your skylight challenges from the #1 skylight service provider in Long Island, NY.

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