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Solar Skylight (Vented)

Powered by the sun – with ventilation capabilities that can help you reduce bill costs tenfold – you can have that much-needed ventilation with fresh air while having an energy-efficient space. Opting for solar-powered skylights to be more energy-efficient is a smart move. With quality rain sensors and solar panels, the control remains at your fingertips. Solar-powered venting skylights are efficient and equipped with modern remote-control options. Fresh air and energy efficiency are just a button’s touch away. Our solar skylights are convenient and easy to operate. They allow you to make an impact on your environment while being extra efficient themselves. Are you ready to install one? Let us know now. The solar-powered ventilating skylight is feature-packed, controlled with a remote and has a concealed battery and rain sensor. Our craftsmen are proficient in installing solar skylights.

Installing Solar Skylights

Adding solar-powered skylights to your space is an excellent addition that you wouldn’t get enough of. Being energy-efficient is the biggest plus point. For modern buildings, they are a cost-efficient and self-sufficient investment. With a concealed battery, remote controller and a rain sensor—a solar-charged skylight is all that your building requires. Being energy-efficient, they are a far better alternative to electrical skylights as the building does not require any wiring. The skylight is sufficient enough to function when the sun’s up and even when it’s down.

Pro Skylight offers solar-powered skylights that not only bring in the fresh air and natural light but a guaranteed cut-down in billing costs. They are a worthwhile upgrade to any building as it is a long-lasting investment. They facilitate the indoor air quality in the buildings, letting in the fresh air and meaningfully contributing to your fitness via ventilation. With our solar skylights, you can rest assured of an increased resale value.

Choose Solar!

People love having skylights to make their buildings look nicer so if you are ready to invest, we would suggest getting a solar skylight installed. Solar-powered skylights limit your dependence on artificial energy resources resulting in a huge difference in your billing costs. Contrary to electrical skylights, our vented solar skylights use energy from the Sun to open or close. Hence, minimizing the hassle of hiring electricians to wire throughout the building. Being a responsible citizen, it is important to think of the global benefits. With our vented solar-powered skylights, you contribute to the bigger picture. With upgraded options and a concealed battery, you leverage sunlight to benefit from fresh air and ventilation. These are some of the reasons why we absolutely recommend solar-powered skylight installation. Luckily, if you have vented solar skylights installed and are facing any troubles with them, you can contact us now. We also offer skylight repair and replacement services—making us an all-rounder in the skylight industry.

Prompt Services & Skilled Craftsmen

Currently, facing troubles with your solar skylights or in need of one? Request an appointment with Pro Skylight. Contact us today about your skylight requirements and our technical sales representative will guide you further. Architecting a solution that’s suitable to your need and budgets, we schedule thorough discussions with you. This phase is all about understanding the minor and major technicalities and requirements; from the glass type to the skylight style, we jot each and everything down to draft solutions that matter.

Once, we have a finalized plan from your side—our technical sales representative provides you with cost and time estimates. This phase requires working around your budget and our costs to land on a price that works for the two of us. Depending on the urgency of the task at hand, our skilled craftsmen get down to work from the beginning. To ensure that the result is exactly what you expected, we get involved in a series of seamless communication with you. You are kept in the loop from the beginning till the end which determines the stress-free collaboration between us. Above all, our craftsmen have the industry experience of catering to varying customer needs—resulting in client satisfaction. 

Why Call Pro Skylight?

To learn more about transforming your lifestyle with solar skylights, call us today. We at Pro Skylight pride ourselves on offering quality under a budget. Our experienced technicians and architects craft imaginations and cater to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. From tubular to vented skylights, we offer a wide range of services to people. Coupled with our 20 years of experience and a team of skilled experts, we deliver polished final results that satisfy clients. Utilizing only top-quality products and glass, we never compromise on quality that contributes to the longevity of our services. Having the right people to deliver exactly what you have in mind; we offer custom-built skylights too. All you have to do is communicate your vision and we will do our best to shape it.

Pro Skylight is the ultimate solar skylight provider (which also qualifies you for a federal tax credit). We think through the placement of solar skylights in your space so you enjoy maximum aesthetics and functionality benefits. Being the only skylight service provider under one roof, we aim to meet your needs and guide you the right way with our expert consultation services. Asking relevant questions, the team at Pro Skylight installs, repairs and replaces all types of skylights such as tubular, ventilating, fixed, tilt windows and more.

With a licensed and insured company like Pro Skylight, custom-built and bespoke solar skylights are not even a concern. Therefore, you can rely on Pro  Skylight for all sorts of skylight-related concerns and you will not be disappointed. We have an eye for detail and a keen interest in the skylight service you need. Considering all your skylight requirements and budgets, we upgrade your building and satisfy your needs in the best possible way. Get in touch with us today by filling out the contact form on our website and we will respond to you within an hour.

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