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The experts at Pro Skylight understand that the same size doesn’t fit all roofs. Courtesy of their craftsmanship, we offer customized skylight sizes that fit like a glove. A tailored skylight minimizes the hassles in the future. At Pro Skylight, we know the importance of custom skylight sizes and ensure that the new skylight is neither too big nor small; just a perfect fit. After the site inspection and the following initial steps, we get down to work by taking proper measurements and our years of expertise in the skylight industry guide us in installing customized skylights. In need of skylight services? Get in touch today.

24 Years of Custom Skylight Expertise

The team at Pro Skylight is 24 years strong. Licensed and insured to provide skylight services in Long Island, NY, we have beautiful skylight options to enhance your space’s visual appeal on lower budgets. Not only this, our prompt services and experienced craftsmen are an asset to us. When it comes to consultation and providing services, we outdo all the roofers in Long Island. Our number 1 source of clients are referrals and repeat customers which are the evidence of our professional services. We make spaces bigger, brighter, and happier—so you love spending time there. Over the years, we have come across clients with varying needs and we have satisfied them, every time. So, when it comes to understanding your specific queries and answering them, we are definitely the best. We don’t expect you to believe every word we say so ring us up now, and see for yourself!

How Custom Skylights Can Transform Your Interior?

After years of experience in the skylight industry, we can confidently say that skylights make the biggest impact on your interior. It’s not about the amount you invest but how smartly you invest—and custom skylights are definitely a worthwhile investment. The right fit reflects a contemporary and stylish fit that perfectly suits your style. Custom skylights don’t just transform the interior but give a happier vibe to it. Making it brighter and better, custom skylights look flawless on your roofs. They are tailored to bring that picture-perfect image to life. Think of times when you enter a well-lit room, you automatically feel lively. Now switch that light to natural light—you will feel 10x more productive and livelier. Along with positively impacting your outlook on life, a custom skylight can make the room feel bigger. All in all, taking your space to another level. Custom skylights by Pro Skylight are refreshingly fresh with contemporary designs to suit all preferences. Our wide range of skylights for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes has been the clients’ preferred choice for over 20 years. From light, to medium to heavy frames, we cater to all clients’ requirements within feasible rates. If you can envision a design, our craftsmen can deliver it with perfection. With accurate & polished structural definition and a clean final look, the team at Pro Skylight offers custom-built skylights that match the vibe of your space. Skylights look perfectly appealing on all roofs. Improving the visual appeal of your space, custom skylights bring monetary value as well. With a bright new look, you can enjoy a new experience with skylights and call that space your calming refuge.

Custom Skylights on Metal Roofs

One of the many concerns we receive on a daily basis is whether can I install skylights on a metal roof. Yes, you can. With skylight experts just around the corner, you can rest assured that skylights on your metal roof will look just as flawless or maybe…more. The technicians at Pro Skylight have been in the business for over 24 years so if you are thinking about what makes us so sure, it is our experience talking. We can install, repair, or replace skylights on metal roofs with extreme perfection. Experienced in working with all kinds of roofs, we consider each and every aspect before initiating work on your roof. Starting the entire procedure with a thought-through strategy, cost, and time frames; we measure and craft tailored skylights with the best-flashing systems in Long Island, NY.

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Worried about whether we will have the answer to your problem? How long does it take to dial up a number, anyway? Ask away now. Do not stay away from that fresh, airy feeling with aesthetic natural light pouring in. If you think normal skylights will not work for you, you can always request custom skylights to transform your space. We know the impact of skylights’ angle, placement, and measurements on the final outcome—which is why we consider any or all minute details. After all, it is the little details that contribute to overall perfection. One custom skylight can lead to a newer and fresher look to an outdated space. Unventilated spaces are no longer a challenge anymore. With our skylight experts, we take up tubular, standard, and vented skylights with ease and offer valuable solutions. With a custom skylight, you can save up on electricity and heating bills. By installing customized skylights on your roofs or ceilings, you can achieve the look you desire. Saving money on bills, you also increase your resale value. Designing skylights that you imagine; we build them to perfection for you. Natural light intake is a mood booster and positively contributes to your physical and mental well-being. Adding an elevated look to your space, a custom skylight dramatically enhances the interior. Still on the fence about hiring us for your skylight needs? Feel free to have a one-on-one conversation with us. A representative from our team will shortly contact you and offer you valuable advice according to your needs. With our immediate consultation services, skylight challenges are no longer an issue. So, if you are considering repairing, replacing, installing, or building a tailored skylight. You know where to come. The team at Pro Skylight is extremely responsive to client queries — so please feel free to contact us today for custom skylight needs and we will get back to you within an hour.

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