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Allowing natural light to enter your space at an aesthetic angle, we dramatically enhance your ambience and ensure a serene view of the sky above. Pitched roof skylights can be a challenge for most of the skylight service providers but not for Pro Skylight. Our product range consists of various world-class and bespoke pitched roof skylight designs that look and function flawlessly. They are the best to boost brightness by reflecting natural light at an angle and ensuring a striking environment. Experienced in installing and repairing pitched roof skylights, you can put your trust in us to offer high-quality products and services.

Here at Pro Skylight, we have lost count of the pitched roofs we have worked on for decades. We know our way around pitched roofs and what it takes to elevate their visual appeal.

What Is A Pitched Roof?

A pitched roof is inclined – at any angle. The inclination angle may vary from one roof to another automatically impacting the aesthetic appeal and shape of the buildings. Among the many benefits of pitched roofs, one remains the quick and efficient drainage of water. Pitched roofs are stylish, evergreen and stronger to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Because of their complex shape, installing skylights on them is undoubtedly challenging. The roofs have evolved over years but a pitched roof is a classic and our experience of over 20 years allows us to do justice with them. Installing, repairing, or replacing skylights on a pitched roof is our forte. The technicians at Pro Skylight show extraordinary craftsmanship and elevate the overall appeal of your space.

Can Skylights Be Installed on Pitched Roofs?

A big yes. Skylights can easily be installed on pitched roofs given they are installed by skylight experts – like the guys at Pro Skylight. Despite skylights being in the market for decades, this misconception still persists. At Pro Skylight we are looking this myth straight in the eye and installing, repairing or replacing skylights on pitched roofs, every day.

Advantages of Skylights on Pitched Roofs

The roof of a building should always be under reliable hands. Especially, when the roof is pitched; you need to be extra cautious of whom you trust it with. The roof withstands extreme weather conditions and keeps your house safe, sound and warm. While flat roofs have their own share of challenges, a pitched roof is different to deal with—that’s why you should only trust the experts at Pro Skylight.

The benefits of skylights are many but on a pitched roof, they unlock new potentials of uplifted design architecture. Not only are they visually appealing but bring in more value to your life. Reflecting light at specific angles, skylights on a pitched roof redefine the experience inside the building. Contributing to the monetary value of the building, skylights installed at an angle look extremely sophisticated. Built for you to make the most out of natural light, skylights on a pitched roof allow light to enter unventilated and uninhabited spaces.

A pitched roof reflects lights at angles that explicitly transform the space and ensure you have the best views of the sky to spend your evenings with. Not only this, skylights on a pitched roof create a spacious area with an abundance of bright daylight. Vitamin D in natural sunlight helps you stay physically and mentally fit, automatically refreshing your mind. You wake up happier and you are more productive. The praises you will receive from the visitors is another story. The technicians at Pro Skylight deliver skilled craftsmanship when a pitched roof comes into the picture. Proficient in measuring and crafting roof windows for pitched roofs, we deliver value to you.

How Long Do We Take?

A skylight installation usually takes half a day to three days depending on the complexity of the rooftop, availability of materials, weather conditions and other relevant factors. The time estimates by Pro Skylight depend on the urgency of the task at hand and the complexity level of that task. Since we are a team of trained experts active in the skylight business for over 22 years, you will not have to come across incompatibilities and unprofessionalism.

We can easily work according to the committed schedule and offer you high-quality products within your budget. All you have to do is let us in on the skylight issue you are facing—and our experts will handle it from there.

Why Pro Skylight NY?

Pro Skylight has been operating in the skylight industry for over 24 years. With a background of countless mistake-free skylight services, we’re trusted and recommended by the clients we’ve worked for. We are also

  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Trained & expert installers
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Leak-free installation at affordable rates

Keeping the above plus points in mind, it is important to select a skylight service provider that guarantees value. You are trusting the technicians with the roof you and your loved ones live under.

Pro Skylight can help you save money and time by understanding your pitched roof requirements. Our experience with pitched roofs let us take the burden off our clients’ shoulders and deliver results that exceed expectations. Before our installers get to work, we thoroughly inspect while keeping you in the loop—everything that is decided, from the material to budget, has your final verdict. Our installers put in maximum effort to protect your interior from all sorts of dust or any other installation residue. Plus, we leave the roof shiny as new. Our 100% client satisfaction rate depends greatly on the clean ceiling area we leave behind after the entire work is done.

Consult with skylight contractors who know what they are doing so you can rid yourself of recurring skylight issues once and for all. Book yourself an appointment on our website or call us directly to have a one-on-one discussion with our team. We are extremely responsive to the queries we receive on a daily basis so you can expect a response from us within 30 minutes. Our customer service representatives stay on their toes to resolve all skylight-related challenges for you. So, call us now.

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