Skylight FAQs

With over 24 years of experience to back what we do; our quality services cover a wide range. Commercial, industrial, or residential…Pro Skylight does it all with hurricane-rated glass built that can endure extreme rainfalls, snowy and windy conditions in Long Island. Our certified experts are lauded for their exceptional skylight consultation services. Along with this, we are the only skylight company offering a 10-year, no-leak warranty. Our customers enjoy quality, longevity, and an enhanced ambience that improve moods. Allowing ventilation and natural light to peek in, we also have a huge variety of designs with customization option availability.

Multiple reasons can contribute to a skylight leak. Some of them are problems with the installation and skylight flashing or the melting snow that leaks through the skylight. But with Skylight Pro, this question is out of the picture. Our certified experts have years of experience and satisfied customers across Long Island who has never complained about leaking skylights.

Definitely, yes! It is a prevailing misconception that you cannot install a skylight on a flat roof but with skylight experts like us, you have varying flat roof products to choose from. Pro Skylight’s specialized experts fit in skylights with perfection and give off a polished look to your space. From our collection, you can select glass-glazed curved skylights, roof access skylights, fixed skylights and sun tunnels with guaranteed durability and on-point aesthetics.

Yes. That’s actually a huge chunk of our initial steps. Once we identify the problem you are facing, we think through your skylight requirements and provide you with an estimate during the first few interactions. Our highly-trained experts provide you with legitimate timelines to get work done most efficiently.

There are few things to consider for the location when installing a skylight. Maximizing the sun exposure to a Skylight is key to optimize this home addition. Reviewing the process of the sunrise and the sunset around your home will help you make this determination. The key to quality Skylight placement is to select an area that will provide the longest length of sun exposure during any given day.

No one likes a leaky roof, this could be an issue if you do not select the proper skylight material to meet your needs. A skylight installation needs to be weatherproof. Lack of proper installation of a skylight could cause loss of insulation, leaking, and long-term damage to your home. The installation process is not the only thing to consider. With a skylight sitting on a roof, you will want to make sure the material utilized is load balanced. The material needs to be prepared to take the abuse of wind, rain, and snow where applicable. Like with any other home installation, proper materials can make or break an additional feature to your home. Noise reduction and energy efficiency are two items that can make or break a skylight installation.

Just like with any type of window, skylights come in a variety of styles. The most common selection is if you want a flat or dome-style skylight. There are benefits to both styles. The dome style does not get the build-up of debris like the flat style. This requires a lot less cleaning of your skylight. While the cleaning is easier, the maintenance is not. Due to the escalated thickness required for the Dome style, the color becomes distorted over time. This makes a big difference in the appearance of the skylight itself.

Not all skylights are static. It’s possible to install a skylight with a vent. The vent allows you to open the skylight. The installation process is generally a bit more involved to add a vent, but the cleaning, maintenance and added benefit of additional air circulation often cancel the extra time and cost of your skylight installation. There is no need to have to go through your Skylight installation process alone. We are trained professionals that are readily available to help guide you through the process from start to finish. With over 22 years of experience, our team can help get you started on your skylight installation process today.