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Are you looking for a properly sealed skylight to add a beautiful outdoor view to your space? Pro Skylight has the reliable services you need to make sure your skylight is well-sealed and provides the best weather protection possible. Skylights are a great way to make your home and property brighter and more comfortable. However, due to their location on top of your roof, skylights are susceptible to weather and time’s wear and tear. We ensure that all gaps are sealed properly to extend the longevity and functionality of your skylight.

Adverse weather can be a culprit of water damage seeping into the home, costing hundreds, sometimes even thousands in repair. With 24 years of experience, Pro Skylight ensures that every skylight is sealed properly, safeguarding your property from mold and water damage with our waterproof seals. Our method of tightly sealing up gaps in the skylight greatly reduces the chances of moisture build-up and future repairs.

Comprehensive Skylight Sealing

Skylights are a beneficial addition to any home or space; it adds more natural light to any space, and depending on what type of skylight it is, you can also get more ventilation. To give you the best protection possible and stop future leaks, Pro Skylight uses waterproof seals along with flashing. This is regarded as the most durable and resilient way to weatherproof your skylight system. Our sealing service will make your skylight more capable of withstanding unfavorable weather conditions. Pro Skylight implements efficient waterproof seals that pinpoint roof penetrations and weak spots. 

Our professionals at Pro Skylight are happy to give our customers a leak-free 10-year warranty. By using our services, we will provide high-quality service with exceptional results. We are fully committed to providing excellent service from the beginning to the end of our projects. Our competent and exceptional technicians are dedicated to the implementation and detailed completion of each sealing project. Your best option for services and improved functionality of a skylight is Pro Skylight.

Choose Us for Your Skylight Sealing

No matter what kind of skylight you have, you can be assured that Pro Skylight will seal it properly. A faulty skylight can lead to expensive damage; we ensure each skylight we work on has the longevity and weatherproof capabilities it needs to ensure a beautiful view with long-lasting moisture protection. Save yourself the stress of any water damage seeping through and costly expenses by putting your trust in us. We offer comprehensive skylight sealing while upholding the highest standards for our company and our work. 

Regardless of the type of skylight, we properly seal it, whether it is domed, polycarbonate, flat, or circular. Our services will save you money long-term and prolong the life of your skylight. Pro Skylight has an attention to detail that is unmatched for our customers in Long Island. We make sure our sealing services prevent leaks and gaps proficiently to keep water out. Pro Skylight makes the sealing process quick and easy, delivering seamless results.

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We’re Dependable

For all of your skylight sealing needs, you can rely on Pro Skylight to accomplish each task completely and proficiently for exceptional weather protection.

Professional Service

Each skylight sealing project is handled by experienced technicians who are dedicated to using only the best resources and equipment. With the right knowledge and skills, we can handle any job.

Exceptional Protection

While always offering our customers swift and timely service, we take pride in maintaining our high-quality work that extends the life of your skylight.

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